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What is CNC Machining

Machining is a fundamental manufacturing process that has a wide range of applications in the manufacturing industry. During the machining process, various machining techniques such as drilling, milling, turning, and grinding are used with different machines such as lathes and mills, and various tools such as cutting tools and transmissions, to process materials. Machining has the advantages of high precision and high productivity, and is widely used in the manufacturing of machine tools, bearings, aerospace equipment, automobile parts, medical devices, and other mechanical equipment.

The advantages of machining are that it can achieve precision machining, producing high-precision

and high-efficiency products. At the same time, as CNC technology is used in machining, machining also has the characteristics of automated production, which improves the efficiency of the production line. Machining can process various metals and non-metal materials (such as copper, steel, cast iron, brass, tin, aluminum, etc.), which can achieve high-efficiency, high-quality production. Compared with manual processing, it can greatly reduce production steps and human intervention, improve production accuracy, and improve productivity.

In the machining manufacturing process, high-precision calculations and precise operations are required.


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